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It all started as a one-person journey… since then a dream came true

I am Krisztina Magosányi. I graduated in 1993 as a cosmetician. At the age of 23, I started my professional career in Germany.

I gained my first work experience in the 4 star Wellnesshotel Alpenrose, in Austria, which made a very determining impact on me. My colleagues came from different parts of the word, and each of them taught me a few unique treatments, with which I could expand my knowledge. I felt absolutely fulfilled – there was no everyday rush, our clients came for a relaxing spa experience. In this environment, I felt calm and relaxed. Everything was about the balance of the inside and out.


Rólunk - Deluxe Day Spa
After returning to Germany, I consciously looked for a place where I could work in a similar environment. I was hired by the spa department of the Amour Fou Spa de Beaute, one of München’s 5 star hotels (Mandarin Oriental*****). It was an amazing opportunity. I was lucky enough to work with the most renowned cosmetic brands in a wonderful atmosphere. Countless prominent people visited the spa – Naomi Campbell, Boris Becker or the members of the saud-arabian royal family were some of my returning clients.

Many people asked me, what was it like to work with such a clientele. Was I not afraid that I might do something wrong? Obviously, it was a huge challenge, but I trusted my professional knowledge and experience, and every guest without exception welcomed me with kindness and sympathy. Naomi Campbell for example gave me warm thanks and a huge hug every time when we said farewell.
Although I felt very nice here, my life took another turn. I moved to Köln. Luckily, every big city in Germany is fond of the spa culture, so it was easy to find a new workplace that met my personal criteria. The Babor Beauty Spa Cologne had 3 Day Spa salons at Köln’s territory, and I was made responsible for the treatment of the high-up clients.


Meanwhile I got many requests – among others, from Gwyneth Paltrow, the american actress’s cosmetician – but at this point I had been living abroad for 20 years. My heart belonged home. I moved back to Debrecen in 2015.

I had opened a little cosmetic salon, and soon after I founded the ADA Beauty cosmetician school. I am proud that I could be a part of many successful early careers of outstanding professionals.


With the opening of the DELUXE DAY SPA one of my long-awaited dreams came true. Close to the heart of Debrecen, to Big Forest, there is a place where beauty care and health promotion are of high importance. Where guests come to relax and to be beautified. Where the everyday rush ceases to exist, and regardless of age and gender, everyone can refresh.

The spa experience is finally available for everyone in Debrecen.
photographer: Jenei Martin


Disconnect from the word for a couple of hours, replenish and give in to the day spa experience! We are here for you every day of the week.
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