The Sunlighten sauna – unlike other Finnish saunas – heats directly your body and not the air that sorrounds you. Sweating is provoked by infrared waves, which can get to the deeper layers of your skin and produce its beneficial effects. This patented technology has three separate heating elements to provide near, mid and far infrared at optimal wavelengths.

Effects of the Sunlighten sauna

Near-infrared can best penetrate the skin and activate the mitochondria to provide the most health benefits. It supports the health of skin cells and promotes wound healing.
The mid-infrared element can best penetrate tissues and joints speeding up the healing process in the body where inflammation can be found.
Far-infrared waves reach the deepest. They aim those areas where most of the toxins are accumulated.


Positive effects of the infrared waves penetrating the tissues:


As opposed to traditional saunas, Sunlighten works with healing infrared waves. This promotes relaxation, helps with stress management and restful sleeping, while provides refreshment right after the sauna experience.


Our Sunlighten sauna uses the far-infrared elements to raise your body’s temperature. It helps with one of the body’s most natural ways to strenghten the immune system and eliminate toxins.

Weight Loss

Increasing core body heat – just like excercising - can lead to calorie burn. But who would not want to enjoy a relaxing sauna session and burn calories at the same time? Sunlighten offers you this opportunity.

Pain relief

Many doctors, who have patients on painkillers recommend the Sunlighten sauna treatment as a part of the therapy, because it eases muscle cramps and mitigates even the chronic pains like fibromyalgia. It also shortens the period of recovery.

Blood preassure control

The sauna of Sunlighten is the only clinically proven sauna that can lower sistole and diastole blood preassure. Due to sweating your blood circulation improves, blood flow speeds up, your heart rate raises and blood preassure lowers.

Circulation improvement

The Sunlighten sauna offers a ’passive cardio workout’ making your heart stronger and increasing the blood flow up to double of the normal value.

Skin rejuvenation

By using the sunlighten sauna, your skin regains its youthful features and fills with energy. Due to the infrared waves the appearance of wrinkles will be less visible, the tone of the skin improves, and by penetrating to the deeper tissues, it helps to eliminate toxins.

Wound healing

Due to the Solocarbon technology, the infrared elements promote wound healing – scientific researches prove that it speeds up the regeneration of the cells and promotes the growth of tissues – and reduce scarring.

Strengthening the immune system

Due to the near, mid and far infrared technology the cells are provided with more oxigen, which helps with the regenertation of the muscles, supports the health of the cells and makes the immune system more resistant.
Weight Loss
Pain relief
Blood preassure control
Circulation improvement
Skin rejuvenation
Wound healing
Strengthening the immune system

Adjusted to your needs

The Sunlighten sauna has an Android control panel to personalise your experience and choose the
desired program. You can track your pulse and the calories burned but you can also adjust the
lights and the music to your mood.

Acoustic vibration therApy

To feel totally confortable inside the sauna, the benches are built lower than the industrial
standards, and the vibration therapy provides healing to the body by using the combination of
vibration and sound.

Light therapy

Your body needs all of the seven color cpectrum of the sun. The light therapy provides balance to
the body.

Premium sound system

The Sunlighten saunas have premium, built-in Blaupunkt sound system (with AM/FM-, CD- and
MP3-player), so you can listen to your favourite songs while chilling in the sauna.
Sunlighten szauna - Szolgáltatások - Deluxe Day Spa

Enjoy the sauna experience!

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Sauna? Sunlighten!

Sunlighten saunas represent the highest quality considering the efficiancy, design and technical
equipment. The glueless construct, the hand-picked wooden elements and the horizontal design
make these saunas unique and incomparable in the industry.

Selectable wellness programs

Weight loss.
Pain relief.
Healthy heart and vascular system.


Disconnect from the word for a couple of hours, replenish and give in to the day spa experience! We are here for you every day of the week.
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