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Our health-preserving cures offer both short term and long term results. Our packages are personalised and provide effective help for the achievement of 4 different goals.
Speciális kúrák - Szolgáltatások - Deluxe Day Spa


It is an indispensable part of your life, your body has to get rid of the accumulating toxins. However, it matters how your body does it. And one more important thing: remember to detox your soul as well!

The detox treatment in Deluxe Day Spa provides a fantastic opportunity to effective, quick, impressive and painless physical and spiritual detoxification.
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Skin tightening

Over time the elasticity of our skin decreases, and the aging of the skin is inevitable – especially if you are dealing or have dealt with extra weight. You can do a lot for the condition of your skin by regular water consumption, vitamin supplementation, avoiding the sun and smoking. But there are also other means you could use.

The skin tightening treatment helps to preserve the freshness and youth of your skin without hurting the epidermis. The change is very visible and long-lasting, it will be noticeable even after months.
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Speciális kúrák - Szolgáltatások - Deluxe Day Spa
Speciális kúrák - Szolgáltatások - Deluxe Day Spa


After having a cosmetic treatment, you will have the feeling as if you were a new person. You feel absolutely refreshed, regain your youthful features and face the challenges with more confidence. For a couple of days. Until the effects of the treatment are visible. But what happens next?

The hydro dermabrasion treatment at Deluxe Day Spa helps you make this period longer. The deep scrub helps to remove the dirt and dead skin, while it improves the metabolism and promotes the absorption of active ingredients.
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Needle mesotherapy

After turning 30, the progress of skin renewal slows down, the production of sebum and collagen decreases and the pigmentation of the skin becomes more and more common. These processes are quite slow and barely noticeable at the beginning, but over time the changes will be drastic and they will affect not only your appearance but your everyday mood as well.

The needle mesotherapy is one of the most innovative skin renewing treatments that uses the self-healing feature of your skin. By having these two working together, the wrinkles fade away, large pores become smaller, scars, stretch marks and discoloration disappear completely.
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Speciális kúrák - Szolgáltatások - Deluxe Day Spa


Disconnect from the word for a couple of hours, replenish and give in to the day spa experience! We are here for you every day of the week.
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