Mani- and pedicure

Our Deluxe packages offer so much more than the conventional mani- and pedicure treatments. They pamper your body and soul, reduce stress, and make sure you are fully refreshed by the end of the treatment.
Kéz- és lábápolás - Deluxe Day Spa


The products we use contain natural ingredients only, which give deep hydration and nurture your skin with essential vitamins.
Our cosmetician experts pamper your body, while the combination of the spa environment, the relaxing music and the delicious scents make sure your soul is refreshed.
90 minutes ’me time’, when everything is about you. Either you like silence, or chatting during the treatment, our cosmeticians adapt to your preferences.
Besides the mani- and pedicure, in both packages there is an emphasis on the refreshing massage, which intensity depends on your actual mood and physical condition.
At the end of every treatment we give you a cup of green tea or mineral water. It is important to hydrate the body from the inside out.

Deluxe Day Spa mani- and pedicure from step to step

Láb- és kézápolás - Szolgáltatások - Deluxe Day Spa

Deluxe Day Spa manicure

Soaking in hand bath.
Removing excess skin.
Shortening and shaping the nails (cosmetic manicure).
Removing the dead skin (peeling).
Hydration (10-15 mins).
Refreshing hand massage with a personalized hydration cream.
Láb- és kézápolás - Szolgáltatások - Deluxe Day Spa

Deluxe Day Spa pedicure

Soaking in aroma oil water.
Removing calluses
Cleansing and shaping the nails
Removing the dead skin (peeling)
Hydration (10-15 mins)
Refreshing foot massage with a personalized hydration cream


Disconnect from the word for a couple of hours, replenish and give in to the day spa experience! We are here for you every day of the week.
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