Me-time in luxury!

You deserve to be pampered!

There is a place where you can fully relax, where there is no stress and your comfort and pampering come first. Where health-promotion and preservation are in the centre of importance. Where the treatments were designed with special care, so that both mental and physical rejuvenation are provided for our clients. Are you ready to try it?

Surprise yourself with a Deluxe Day Spa experience, and let us make you feel like a new person, filled with energy and joy. Book one of our luxurious treatments for some ultimate ‘me time’.
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Enjoy our holistic face and body treatments and explore the exclusive spa packages.

Wellness packages

You will receive a head-to toe relaxing and refreshing treatment.
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Massage therapies

Pamper yourself with one of our energizing and detoxifying spa massages.
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Our health-promoting cures provide long-term solution.
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Detoxify in our special infrasauna.
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mani- and pedicure

Enjoy the softness of your limbs.
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Rejuvenating the outer skin and diminishing the flaws caused by aging and acne.
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At the Deluxe Day Spa, you are at the center at all times. With our caressing treatments, we take you on unforgettable “trips” to leave the day spa to live a happier and more balanced life.


Choose any treatment, you will be in good, experienced hands.
  • „I look much younger. I look in the mirror, and I see a whole new person. I would never have thought that achieving such results is possible without cosmetic surgeries. Deluxe Day Spa, you already have a returning guest!"
    T. Tamara
  • „Deluxe Day Spa is the only place where I can fully concentrate on myself. There is no stress here, no problems, only me and the pampering treatments. If I crave for some ’me time’ I always choose you! Thank you!"
    P. Fanni
  • „I hated to look in the mirror. Since I was a child I was dealing with skin issues, so I could never be satisfied with myself. Kriszta helped me gain confidence, and finally live a life full of joy and self-love. I cannot describe how grateful I am!”
    V. Péter


Disconnect from the word for a couple of hours, replenish and give in to the day spa experience! We are here for you every day of the week.
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